Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9 3D representational graphic

Dashboards & Wallboards for Five9

Real-Time Reporting & Alerting for Five9 Contact Centers

A fully web-based solution for calculating & displaying real-time data on large screens (wallboards) in contact centers and directly on computers of supervisors, agents and even on mobile devices of executives (dashboards). Visual alerts (color changes, blinking), audible alerts (one-time, repetitive) and text/SMS, instant messaging (IM), and email alerts based on your thresholds are also easy to setup and change on the fly. Utilize multiple data sources and create unlimited number of views using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); grids; pictures; marquees / tickers; YouTube videos; web content (such as weather forecast, or social media feeds); and even PowerPoint slides (via PDF export and 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards takes care of auto-paging through your content). For more information, you can check out our Dashboards & Wallboards listing on Five9®’s marketplace.