Unified Communications

    2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) makes the process of sending and receiving fax messages significantly more efficient. Users sending fax messages with 2Ring NetFAX will only need procedures used in traditional office applications. The set of skills necessary ...

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    2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING (CA) is a very advances and flexible call logging and billing application providing statistics, phone call summaries, and other detailed call information that will help find answers to questions like: How much does a certain ...

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    2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS) is a package of advanced services enhancing the potential of Cisco IP telephony (Unified Communucations). It can be used through IP phones, soft phones, web browser, or a combination of all. To ...

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  • I personally cannot imagine​ Cisco IP telephony without IPPS address books and caller identification.”
    Krzysztof Wykret
    IS manager at Sanofi-Aventis
  • “Pavestone decided on 2Ring IPPS because it addressed their messaging needs at an affordable cost and it provides many additional features that they will definitely utilize in the future.”​

    Paul Kuper
    UC Product Specialist at General Datatech
  • ​“We decided on 2Ring NetFAX because we can manage faxes right from our desks, plus users can now send their faxes from their workstation, notebooks, and tablets. Also, thanks to virtualization, we did not need to purchase any new hardware. 2Ring’s software updaters were very responsive, I mean they completed our requests overnight - you request it in the evening and you have it the next morning. It was a wonderful experience.”

    Kelvin Bodie
    Sr. Network Engineer at Harrison College
  • Application of 2Ring IPPS (IP Phone Services) was a good choice for the initial attraction of IP telephony among employees of our company. It is perfectly integrated into the Cisco environment and many empolyees not aware that services which they daily use are not offered by Cisco telephony itself, but it is a very reliable 2Ring solution.”

    Ing. Pavol Risik
    Head of the Department of LAN and WAN at SEPS
  • ​“In addition to the messaging functionality, we gave the city the ability to synchronize its database of contacts to its Cisco telephones, added a quick IntelliSearch feature and the ability to screen-pop contact information on an incoming call.”

    Rick Purnell
    2Ring North American Manager
  • ​“We originally decided on IPPS because we get more features for a lower cost.”

    “Even better, after the deployment, we realized that the IPPS application provides more functionality then we originally thought that it would.”

    Zack Mears
    IT Director for the city of Lake City
  • The choice of the tandem of 2Ring and Datanet was driven by the quality of services offered by Datanet and the successful implementation of a project by 2Ring/Soitron in our Hungarian subsidiary.”

    Silviu Popescu
    IT Manager at Cetelem Romania
  • With 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER in place, the supervisors in Cetelem Romania’s contact center are now able to plan strategy for outbound calls days ahead and then also monitor and modify this strategy on the fly. They can stop any of their running campaigns, build and start a new one, and they can do so without any involvement from the IT team. This certainly helps them to stay focused on the business aspect of their work.”

    Michal Grebac
    Product & Project Manager at 2Ring
  • The 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER Application implemented by Datanet provides features developed for the requirements of integration with Cetelem databases. With the real-time control functions provided by this application, Cetelem has already seen an increase in the efficiency of its telephone campaigns at the same level as that obtained by mplementing Cisco IP Contact Center Platform UCCE.”

    Gabriel Musat
    Executive Director at Datanet
  • ​“We are very happy with the selection we made, Soitron and 2Ring have together delivered a stable solution that fully suits our business needs and conforms to our desired processes.”

    Peter Szabo
    Head of Risk Operations at Cetelem
  • ​“I was impressed with how everyone at 2Ring was there to help and able to do it so quickly. If there was a change in the structure of the delivered reports that needed to be made it would be made by the next day.”

    Nicole Medina
    Head of the Contact Center Fossil USA
  • 2Ring is making my life better in a lot of ways.”

    Iveta Masrnova
    Contact Center Manager at ZUNO BANK AG
  • 2Ring provided a technologically qualitative solution of IP network fax service with a high level of support that meets the requirements set by telco service providers. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and expect that we will continue to evolve the solution in a collaborative manner.”

    Mgr. Jan Fojtů
    Head of Product Management Team
  • “2Ring NetFAX is a reliable and robust solution which is perceived as user friendly by our employees and administrators. Thanks to 2Ring NetFAX, we do not experience any difficulties receiving purchase orders from our customers, and we do not lose any faxes anymore.”
    Benajmín Baláž
    IS Account Manager Danone
  • “Our requirements for call costing have grown with the growth of the company and have gradually outgrown ATECO’s offering. Based on a market analysis, we decided to switch to 2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING which completely meets our needs and is also ready to grow with us to additional markets.”

    Tomáš Husar
    Call center manager - Czech republic
  • “2Ring CA comes with very flexible configuration settings, and as such it simplified for us searches for particular calls, but most importantly, it allowed us to re-introduce the rebilling of telco costs to the bank’s subsidiaries.”
    Ing. Zuzana Kolmačková
    Department manager of IT Finance&Governance
  • ​TEST Quote

    2Ring Test Team
    2Ring Test Team
  • “2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING is a solution that comes with a user-interface that doesn’t require user-trainings  and with reports that are very easy to comprehend even without going through the product documentation.”

    Jan Řežab
    Senior Network Administrator
  • “2Ring provided DCI Donor Services Inc., with a reliable wallboard application at an affordable price”

    Kevin Walker
    Network-Voice Engineer
  • 2Ring provided DCI Donor Services Inc., with a reliable wallboard application at an affordable price”

    Kevin Walker
    Network-Voice Engineer

    This contact center project included the upgrade of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, and migration from 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP (CTI-OS based desktop) to Cisco Finesse enhanced with a power-pack of 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse.


    Iveta MASRNOVA
    Head of Contact Center
  • 2Ring provided DCI Donor Services Inc., with a reliable wallboard application at an affordable price”

    Kevin Walker
    Network / Voice Engineer

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