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A clean and touch screen friendly agent desktop application built on top of Cisco Finesse API. Runs in all major web browsers, inside of Cisco Jabber for Windows, on Cisco DX 650 phones, or even on tablets and smart phones. The flexibility is there, so how far will you go?

Available for Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCCX) 10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) 9+ (incl. Packaged UCCE).


2Ring COMPACT AGENT is an agent desktop application built on top of Cisco Finesse API. It can be used to bring Cisco Contact Center closer to remote experts, to subject matter experts, and to back-office workers. 

2Ring COMPACT AGENT can also be used as a primary agent desktop in contact centers, especially if you are looking for

  1. the tight integration of Cisco Contact Center with other systems such as Salesforce, MS CRM, ... (iFrames support is not required),
  2. an easy to use, clean and touch-screen friendly interface,
  3. leveriging Cisco Contact Center outside of the contact center and enabling other departments to use the capabilities of the platform without too much staff training, 
  4. platform flexibility. As long as a CiscoCC compatible voice end-point is available to the agent, 2Ring COMPACT AGENT can run on any device and serve as an alternative desktop for remote agents, remote experts, support engineers, road warriors, and back office workers.

The requirements for 2Ring COMPACT AGENT include Cisco Finesse. Therefore, this solution is only available to contact centers using Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) v9+ (including Packaged UCCE).

And remember, 2Ring COMPACT AGENT doesn't have to be used by ALL agents / operators. Each team or even each agent can decide which agent desktop application they prefer to use - Cisco Finesse or 2Ring COMPACT AGENT.

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  • Operating as a Cisco Contact Center agent directly from Cisco Jabber for Windows or from a browser on your favorite device
  • Cisco Contact Center can be easily integrated even with solutions that do not support iFrames (e.g. MS CRM)
  • Agents / Operators using 2Ring COMPACT AGENT spend significantly less time in training sessions
  • Under time pressure, the simplified interface of 2Ring COMPACT AGENT makes it easy to have new staff members process calls coming into the Contact Center or start working on an important outbound campaign. New agents can be literally up and ready in a matter of minutes - with nothing to be installed on their workstations
  • Improved return on investment for the Cisco Contact Center. The clean user interface of 2Ring COMPACT AGENT makes it significantly easier to utilize the existing Cisco Contact Center services by users from traditional departments (collections, logistics, ..)
  • Collaboration among contact center agents and staff working in other "traditional" departments is possible. Agents and Supervisors with Cisco Finesse can review which experts (logged in to the contact center via 2Ring COMPACT AGENT) are ready / available. This positively impacts first call resolution
  • BYOD boosts morale and the satisfaction of agents / supervisors with their work environment. 2Ring COMPACT AGENT runs on desktops & mobile devices (Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Cisco Jabber for Windows, Cisco DX 650, Windows desktops, phones and tablets - such as Surface)
  • 2Ring COMPACT AGENT running inside of Cisco Jabber is a strong reason for organizations that already run or plan on investing into Cisco Contact Center to use Cisco Jabber and not MS Lync
  • Investing in a solution built around Cisco Finesse API, the present and future for all Cisco Contact Center platforms
  • Using a solution built around Cisco Finesse API, the present and future for all Cisco Contact Center platforms
  • Having your say in our roadmap. It is an open and customizable solution, so let us know what matters to you
  • Enjoying peace of mind since the solution is Cisco Compatible against Cisco UCCX10 and UCCE10
  • Bringing the overall cost of the platform down since the solution is part of the Cisco Solution Incentive Program (Cisco Resellers ask us where to download the application form)
  • Running a solution that is built, further developed and supported by 2Ring, a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer


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  • Agent login and logout
  • Handle incoming call
  • Agent state management incl. support for reason codes
  • Clean & touch screen friendly user interface
  • Support for all major browsers (IE 8+, Forefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  • Display call related data including complex and custom call variables. This can include custom labeled values with hyperlinks to a caller's contact card in a 3rd party CRM system (Salesforce, MS CRM, ..), launching an IM chat session with an account delivery manager, starting an email to an account manager, and advanced wrap-up forms and even a call script to follow during the call (requires the use of 2Ring SCRIPTS&FORMS)
  • Dialog list
  • Make call
  • Hold and resume call
  • Consult call
  • Single step transfer
  • Consult transfer
  • Outbound preview calls support
  • Sign in as mobile agent support
  • WrapUp Reason Codes support
  • OpenInNewTab configuration setting for links in callVariableData and customData settings
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