2Ring Campaign Manager

Empowering Supervisors

Common barriers to running successful outbound campaigns are the long setup time and the need to cooperate with technically skilled IT professionals. In other words, the total costs of setting up a campaign are too high and do not reach the expected returns. Therefore, it is crucial to decrease costs associated with setting up and running campaigns so that automated outbound campaigns can be used even when it would have originally been inefficient.

Automating routine tasks, bringing control to contact center operations, and reducing costs of running campaigns fulfill the needs of the three parties involved in outbound campaigns – IT staff, contact center operations, and the marketing department.

With 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER, routine daily campaign management can be performed by supervisors in an easy to use web-based user interface as opposed to the usual Cisco Administration Workstation. This reduces the need to request technical assistance to a minimum, thus allowing IT staff to focus on more creative tasks. And most importantly, this results in dramatically lowered costs of campaign execution. It frees the hands of the marketing department so that it can use the full potential of Cisco Unified Contact Center, and thus meet its company’s needs.

2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER is able to
  • Automate data imports from your information system (IS)
  • Define criteria for client segmentation based on any attribute that is part of the import
  • Exclude specific clients from all campaigns (Do Not Call List - DNCL)
  • Schedule campaigns for days or weeks to come
  • Monitor campaign execution in real-time
  • Modify campaign settings on demand
  • Start, pause, resume, and stop campaigns at any time
  • Automate the export of campaign results to your IS

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    2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER is an outstanding management tool for campaigns running on Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco UCCE). It
    • Cuts down campaign setup time to almost zero
    • Allows supervisors to
      • Manage campaigns in real time without the involvement of IT staff
      • Effectively react to changing conditions that occur during campaigns
      • Plan ahead and oversee the campaigns
    • Simplifies the complex IT integration between IS and Cisco Contact Center to a user-friendly web interface
    • Brings real time campaign reporting and monitoring
    Ease of Use
    The simple and straightforward web-based user interface hides the complexity of the underlying platform.

    Schedule View
    The interface of 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER displays the schedule for the current day including all planned sets and their real-time status. This creates the option for the supervisor to make changes if necessary.

    Data Import/Export
    Save time with the fully automated import of dialing lists and export of campaign results.

    Client Call Distribution

    Creating your own assignment rules is as easy as in MS Excel. Define criteria, select a set of clients, and assign this set to a preferred skill-group. If needed, modify your selection at any time. The flexibility of all underlying systems used in contact center operations is a must.

    Ad Hoc Campaigns
    Life also brings extraordinary circumstances and it may be necessary to quickly stop already running campaigns to create space for an organization's immediate needs. 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER allows companies to start an ad hoc campaign anytime and as fast as the situation requires. The application will resume the interupted campaigns once the ad hoc campaign finished.

    Campaign Planning
    Create and schedule a campaign strategy, dialing mode, and client set in advance. 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER will take care of the rest.

    Campaign Strategy Templates
    Save successful campaign strategies as templates for future use. Employ them whenever the time is right. Cut down a new campaign's set up time even more.

    Advanced Do Not Call List
    2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER includes a client based (as opposed to phone number based) Do Not Call List. Once a client does not want to be contacted again, 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER will exclude him from all future campaigns (no matter what phone number is included in the imported campaign).

    Access Control and Focus
    Supervisors always see just their own campaigns and their skill-groups and so are not disturbed by other teams. This helps them to stay focused on meeting their goals.

    Real-Time Campaign Reporting
    Having accurate data at the right time is crucial for the execution of a successful campaign. This is the missing feature most often requested for the Cisco platform, and 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER fills this gap.

    Virtualization Ready
    2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER can be deployed to your environment using virtuallization (Virtual PC, VMWare server, MS HyperVetc.). ​​

     Case Studies

    • CetelemCetelem Romania
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     Compatible Technologies

    Compatible Technologies
    • 2Ring CAMPAING MANAGER is also part of the solutions catalog at the CDN Marketplace. Solution is available for customers using UCCX and UCCE.

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