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A well-informed agent is a must for every well-run contact center. Serving customers in an efficient manner is the way to go. 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP presents agents with the proper information at the right time. Moreover, it allows agents to work with existing applications and tools from a single window, automates business processes, collects structured wrap-up information even during a call, and delivers many more productivity enhancements such as:


  • Integration with your CRM web user interface in the 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP’s own embedded web browser.
  • Automation of contact center events to trigger preconfigured operations.
  • Lookup of customer information.
  • Pop-up preconfigured application.
  • Request skillgroup specific wrap-up codes.
  • Elimination of the need for supervisors to use a different application than their agents. If a supervisor logs in within 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP configured for supervisor mode, s/he immediately has access to agent management tools.
  • Enhancement of agent view sorting (such as sort agents first by their agent state – talking, wrap-up, and then also by the time they have been in the given state).
  • Filtering of agent view (filter out agents that are in an unknown state, or are not logged in).
  • Customization of displayed columns.
  • Coloration of agent rows based on time spent in current state.
  • Configuration of additional agent data querying from ICM or another database.
  • Complete customization of the statistical data display from ICM database or from any other MS SQL data source.
  • Possibility to send one-way messages to a specific subset of agents (based on their team, skill or supervisor) and those messages pop-up in the agent’s UI so that the agent can act on them immediately.



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2Ring AGENT DESKTOP is enhanced desktop application that helps your supervisors manage contact center agents efficiently. It significantly helps managers / supervisors:


  • To improve effecitivy of contact center.
  • To control campaigns and measure their results in real-time.
  • To simplify coordination among agents and supervisors.
  • To implement any other features that would make you and your agents even more flexible.
Eliminate the need to switch among application windows when processing a call, and decrease both errors and time wasted on unnecessary agent actions. Benefit from the automatic opening of the customers card when a call arrives and from the opening of the proper wrap-up form based on information collected in IVR. These are just examples of the benefits delivered through a deeper integration of contact center events and your information system. Ask us and we will make it happen!

Watch a variety of actions be triggered by contact center events (such as call arrival, call drop, agent state change, and more), with every action conditioned by a rule you set. Some of the actions available are:


  1. Navigation of a web browser with passing URL parameters,
  2. Navigating and activating a specific tab in the embedded browser,
  3. Dialing a specific number (Click2Dial),
  4. Querying an MS SQL database and displaying the results to the agent, and
  5. Displaying a message with a specific text in a dialog/modal window. Automate your processes using 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP and save important seconds of call time.
Wrap it Up in Silver!
Start collecting information from the caller as soon as the call starts and thus improve the quality of customer data collected. Do this using a sophisticated web application wrap-up system built using the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology. And yes, this comes in the box with 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP.

Flexible Display of Real-Time Statistics
Configure the number of views as well as data sources used and thus provide agents with any standard or non-standard statistical data right at their desktops.

2 in 1
No need for supervisors to use a different application than agents, because 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP also contains a highly configurable supervisor toolbar with powerful sorting and filtering mechanisms. With 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP you will pay attention to what matters!

Display Whats Necessary, Hide Whats Useless
Use what you need and hide the rest. This is possible because 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP's controls are logically grouped into panels which can be hidden and then shown again with one click.

Deploy and Administer with Ease
Share one XML configuration file among several instances of 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP. Every time a configuration file changes, every instance of 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP that shares this file automatically reflects the changes made. It has never been easier than that!

Have Your Say
Implement most integration scenarios using pure configuration changes with no need to code new functionalities. However, 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP is a fully open and customizable solution, so let us know what matters to you. If not already in our road-map, we will make sure that it is implemented right away.

Fully Localized
2Ring AGENT DESKTOP is currently available in the English, Polish, Czech, and Slovak languages, with others coming. We view the localization of contact center solutions into multiple languages as very important since many of todays contact centers provide multi-language support and employ agents with different language skills.

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We are sorry about this, but we do not have content ready for this page yet. Please come back later, or follow us at and learn about all significant news from 2Ring.

 Compatible Technologies

Compatible Technologies
  • 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP is also part of the solutions catalog at the CDN Marketplace. Solution is available for customers using UCCX and UCCE.

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