Contact Centers

    A well-informed agent is a must for every well-run contact center. Serving customers in an efficient manner is the way to go. 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP presents agents with the proper information at the right time. ...

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    Common barriers to running successful outbound campaigns are the long setup time and the need to cooperate with technically skilled IT professionals. In other words, the total costs of setting up a campaign are too ...

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    2Ring DASHBOARDS AND WALLBOARDS is a fully customizable solution for your contact center. Our reporting specialists will prepare customized web-based reports that will show up-to-date information about your Cisco or Avaya contact center (or even ...

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  • GADGETS for Cisco Finesse
    The essential power pack of 2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE will create a truly unified workspace for the agents as well as for the supervisors. This offering currently includes four unique gadgets adding such features ...

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    If reports from the standard reporting packages that come with Cisco or Avaya contact centers do not meet your requirements, consider having custom reports created. The underlying technology does not really matter since our specialists ...

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    2Ring SCRIPTS AND FORMS is an application focused on data collection and the recording of structured information about clients and their needs obtained during call handling in the contact center. It will be highly valued by companies running ...

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  • The choice of the tandem of 2Ring and Datanet was driven by the quality of services offered by Datanet and the successful implementation of a project by 2Ring/Soitron in our Hungarian subsidiary.”

    Silviu Popescu
    IT Manager at Cetelem Romania
  • With 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER in place, the supervisors in Cetelem Romania’s contact center are now able to plan strategy for outbound calls days ahead and then also monitor and modify this strategy on the fly. They can stop any of their running campaigns, build and start a new one, and they can do so without any involvement from the IT team. This certainly helps them to stay focused on the business aspect of their work.”

    Michal Grebac
    Product & Project Manager at 2Ring
  • The 2Ring CAMPAIGN MANAGER Application implemented by Datanet provides features developed for the requirements of integration with Cetelem databases. With the real-time control functions provided by this application, Cetelem has already seen an increase in the efficiency of its telephone campaigns at the same level as that obtained by mplementing Cisco IP Contact Center Platform UCCE.”

    Gabriel Musat
    Executive Director at Datanet
  • ​“We are very happy with the selection we made, Soitron and 2Ring have together delivered a stable solution that fully suits our business needs and conforms to our desired processes.”

    Peter Szabo
    Head of Risk Operations at Cetelem
  • ​“I was impressed with how everyone at 2Ring was there to help and able to do it so quickly. If there was a change in the structure of the delivered reports that needed to be made it would be made by the next day.”

    Nicole Medina
    Head of the Contact Center Fossil USA
  • 2Ring is making my life better in a lot of ways.”

    Iveta Masrnova
    Contact Center Manager at ZUNO BANK AG
  • “2Ring provided DCI Donor Services Inc., with a reliable wallboard application at an affordable price”

    Kevin Walker
    Network-Voice Engineer