2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse v3.0

2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse version 3.0 is available as of today. To learn more, schedule a live demo over Cisco WebEx.

New Features

  • Connector for MS Dynamics CRM - the PREMIUM bundle of 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse now also includes a connector for MS Dynamics CRM. The connector supports automatic and manual querying of MS CRM accounts and contacts while also delivering screen-pop up functionality (opening the MS CRM page in a new browser window/tab outside of Cisco Finesse). Background lookups can also be used to display information about accounts in a message ticker or to store it in a CallVariable, etc.

Screenshot of 2Ring CRM Connector for MS Dynamics CRM (click on the screenshot to enlarge):


  • Remote Control - external web applications and even native (thick) applications can trigger commands to remote control. This can be used to
    • Deliver click-to-call from a 3rd party app running in a different browser tab or in another browser window
    • Deliver click-to-call from native applications such as SAP thick client
    • Allow supervisors to trigger commands from within Cisco Finesse to switch agent states including reason codes, to open browser pages in agents' browsers, etc.
  • Toolbar Gadget - this gadget supersedes the former infoPANEL button area. It can be collapsed and the buttons are more predictably sized and appear less cluttered
  • Ticker Gadget - this gadget supersedes the former infoPANEL message area and it can be collapsed.

Screenshot of 2Ring Ticker and Toolbar Gadgets(click on the screenshot to enlarge):


  • Dialog Gadget - this gadget supersedes infoPANEL's dialog area and it now
    • supports display of multiple call data.
    • has collapsible sections for Call Variables, Call Details and Contact lookup.
    • supports call control and can be used instead of or with the Cisco call control gadget.
    • supports dialing new calls.
    • displays context icons that were previously displayed by infoPANEL.
    • supports outbound campaigns.
    • can be set to be invisible for workflow-only scenarios.
    • supports onBefore/onAfter events in the workflow to react to call control actions.
    • supports DTMF and Barge action.
    • can be configured via Config page.
    • updates variables and call trace in real time.

Screenshot of 2Ring Dialog Gadget (click on the screenshot to enlarge):

  • Team Gadget - this gadget comes with these user experience improvements:
    • The list of queues can be loaded automatically without requiring the agent (or supervisor) to load them manually
    • The list displaying teams on the left side is now persistent (the same teams stay listed even for the next agent/supervisor work session)
    • The Current Call Profile app updates variables and call trace information in real time (no manual refresh is necessary)
  • Configuration Subsystem - the folder structure of deployed gadgets has been changed to support multiple configurations without duplicating gadget folders (only configuration files need to be separated).
  • Compatibility Improvements
    • Added support for Cisco Finesse v11.5
    • Added support for 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS v6.0

Bugs Fixed

  • getActiveCall workflow action has been updated to correctly return the call on which the participant is active.

Licensing Changes

  • COLLABORATION and INTEGRATION Bundles have been discontinued bringing the number of available bundles down to three: STANDARD, ENHANCED, and PREMIUM
  • STANDARD Bundle contains PHONE SERVICES - Contact Center Edition

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